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SMS JOB ALERTS is the new way to receive and apply for job vacancies using sms job alerts. The system sends you relevant SMS Job alerts and allows you to respond to those alerts and by doing so make a formal application for the role being advertised.

Revolutionising the job seeking process, SMStheJOB now sends sms job alerts directly to job seeker's mobile phones via SMS. These sms job alerts are specifically tailored to jobseeker's preferences so there is no longer a need to trawl through thousands of job board ads to find one that suits.

If a job alert interests the jobseeker then they simply send a reply SMS quoting the job reference number and their resume will automatically be forwarded to the job advertiser - as simple as that!

SMStheJOB makes applying for jobs easier, more convenient and less stressful, and it can put jobseekers in the express lane to employment when timing is everything to that desperate employer.

Advertisers also benefit from this new process. They can be assured their alert is being sent to active, potential candidates who have specifically indicated an interest in the advertiser's employment area. Instead of sms job alerts being lost amongst other sms job alerts on traditional web job boards, the advertiser will know their job is being broadcast to a targeted audience.

By using SMStheJOB to advertise sms job alerts, advertisers will increase the quality of their applicants, increase the chances of broadcasting to their target audience, and increase the chances of an immediate response to job ads thus improving job ad economy.

  • SMS job alerts are free.
  • SMS job alerts are discreet.
  • SMS job alerts are convenient.

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